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about us

our mission

Decision support and leadership in a geostrategically and geo-economically uncertain world.

Our goal

Sustainable answers to the challenges, problems and conflicts of our world of today and tomorrow.

Our practice

Working in dialogue with current and future leaders from politics, business and science in order to strengthen a value-based order, liberal democracies, European integration, green growth and transatlantic relations.

Our code of conduct

We guarantee competence, confidentiality, independence, integrity, and the highest professional standards.


Our team:


Rudiger Lentz

Founder and CEO

Rüdiger Lentz is the founder and managing director of BerlinDialogue. As a long-time Deutsche Welle office manager and television correspondent in Brussels and Washington, he has an excellent political background and broad expert knowledge in the field of foreign policy, economic policy and public relations. Before founding BerlinDialogue, he headed the internationally renowned Aspen Institute Germany with a focus on shaping and improving transatlantic relations and value-based political leadership. Lentz is a founding member of the German-American Business Council (GABC) in Washington, a long-time member of Atlantik Brücke and a member of the German Society for Foreign Policy in Berlin.

Andreas Beckmann

Senior analyst

Andreas Beckmann, MA, studied political science in Germany and the USA. Since graduating from university, he has more than 25 years of professional experience in political science, real politics and administration and - since 2007 - as a freelance political analyst in Berlin and Brussels. The main focus of his work includes political, legal and economic analyzes in the areas of economy and finance, security and defense as well as political and social stability in Germany and Europe.


Robert Burdy

Media expert and moderator

Robert Burdy has been a television journalist and presenter for more than 30 years. Since 2001 he has presented the news program MDR Aktuell. He is also a coach and trainer for communication topics from personal branding to crisis communication. He has been a media trainer for the Federal Foreign Office for years. Through his journalistic work as a former correspondent in Washington and ARD travel correspondent in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, he has a broad horizon of experience in international politics. He is the author of “The Aikido Principle” (ECON 2013) and “Fuck the Facts - Ways out of the trap of the post-factual” (Buchfunk 2017).

Dr. Oliver Schmidt

Senior associate

Oliver Schmidt studied history and social sciences in Germany and the USA and did his doctorate at Harvard on the transatlantic elite and cultural exchange after 1945. The American scholar and science manager has many years of experience as a lecturer at the TU Berlin and was instrumental in founding the Center for Metropolitan Studies and on the establishment of the Transatlantic Graduate College Berlin – New York. After holding positions at the Bertelsmann Foundation and as program manager at the Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg, he was director of the German-American Fulbright Commission in Berlin from 2016 to 2020.

Oliver Schmidt NACHHER 2.jpg

Leslie-Patricia Hahn

Marketing and Social Media

Leslie Hahn is a brand and communication expert with extensive expertise in the areas of digital communication, social media, personality marketing and event management. Following her studies in marketing communication, Ms. Hahn worked on various start-ups and was responsible for further development, strategic planning and coordination. She has been self-employed for over 5 years and develops and implements brand and communication strategies in various industries. In addition to her work in the private sector, Ms. Hahn is involved in communications for the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in the field of economic relations / tourism and charitable projects.

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