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Our claim:

As a non-partisan and independent discussion platform, BerlinDialogue promotes and moderates exclusive discussion formats together with partners from politics, business, science, media and the public, supports social and political transformation processes, promotes change and thereby helps to solve current and future problems in society.


BerlinDialogue is committed to the idea of a common community of interests and values with the USA and works on this basis together with its partners to solve and master current and future challenges and threats.

2019_06_28_America Roundtable, unscharf,

Digital ecology

BerlinDialogue promotes and supports the concept of Green Growth with the aim of sustainable development of society and the economy. Through the social dialogue and the application of scientific knowledge, sustainable production methods and the innovative innovative power of a digitally controlled ecology, creative solutions for the problems of world nutrition and climate change are to be found.

European Integration

BerlinDialogue believes in the vision of a free and united Europe, solidarity among the member states and tries to convey these ideas above all to the next generation. This includes, in particular, actively shaping peaceful relations with our neighboring states, sustainable growth and a shared commitment to do everything necessary for peace and stability in Europe and the world.

2019_09_05-08_Young European Leaders Sem

East-West dialogue

BerlinDialogue considers a lasting and constructive dialogue with Russia to be necessary, supports the rapprochement of Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership States with the Euro-Atlantic community and works together with all partners towards the goal of new ideas on disarmament, arms control and the de-escalation of conflicts and the prevention of a to develop further military armament in Europe.

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